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Khajuraho Tourism

Adinath Temple


Adinath Temple in Khajuraho Temples, is a significant example of the Jain settlement in Khajuraho. This ancient shrine is dedicated to the first Jain Tirthankar Adinath - the founder of Jainism. Although exterior walls of this temple also carved with Hindu Deities. This temple is also a part of precious Khajuraho Eastern Group of Temples. What catches the fancy of visitors are the beautiful carvings of Yakshis (female mythical beings and partner of Yakshas), on the entire structure. Moreover, the exterior of this temple showcases three bands of sculptures of graceful sura-sundaris that look truly amazing. The temple is partly in ruins with its former glory intact in the picturesque and mesmerizing carvings and statues. It is smaller to the most temples in the complex, only the entrance of the temple has been renovated. The modern entrance chamber is made of lime-plastered masonry with arched doorways. Take a walk down the memory lane with this temple reminiscent of the glorious by gone era. It is believed that the origin of this temple dates back to the late 11th century.


Khajuraho history is very interesting due to relation with Moon God with Chandela Rulers. They are the successor of Moon. These all temples are built by Chandela Rulers. Adinath Temple is situated on the north of the Parsvanath Temple and is one of the important temples of the Jain group of temples in Khajuraho. It is believed that this temple was constructed in the 11th century and was dedicated to Adinath, a Jain saint. This temple was constructed by the rulers of Chandel Dynasty during 950-1150 A.D. It was probably constructed slightly later than the Vaman Temple. With the passage of time, only the sanctum and corridor roofs of temple have survived. The mandapa and porch of the temple was damaged; however, the present entrance is replaced by modern entrance chambers. The arched doorways situated at the entrance are similar to that of the original ones.


The plan and design of Adinath Jain temple is similar to the Vaman Temple. There are only a few differences between the two temples. For example, the top row of the outer wall of the Adinatha temple depicts a flying Vidhyadhara, while that of the Vamana temple shows diamond-shaped decorations. The curvilinear tower of the Adinatha temple is of better proportions than that of the Vamana temple. This, combined with a somewhat more evolved sculptural style, proves that the Adinatha temple was constructed after the Vamana temple. They represent the culmination of the central Indian style of architecture and the sensuous sculptures that decorate them are among the masterpieces of Indian art. The Adinatha temple belongs to the late 11th century of the Chandella period. The sanctuary is covered by a tower with vertical bands decorated with arch-like motifs. The outer walls have three bands of sculptures depicting deities and celestial beings. This view shows the temple with the later brick-built porch.


Adinath Temple shares same location of Parshavnath Temples. This temple is also in Jain Complex. It is located in the south east of Khajuraho City of Chatarpur District of Madhya Pradesh in Central India. Khajuraho is a city of temples. It is very famous for Khajuraho art & Sculpture. These temples are in Nagar Style architecture and considered among popular places to visit in Khajuraho. The temples are divided in three groups- Western, Eastern and Northern group of temples. These all groups are part of Khajuraho tourism.


Check the best time to visit Adinath temple in Khajuraho. Months of summers are hot and dry with temperatures shooting up to a sweltering 45 degree Celsius during the day. This season receives the minimum amount of tourist activity and is the off-season in this place. So the season of winter or after Monsoon is good for visit Khajuraho. October to march is the best season for the Khajuraho sightseeing. Khajuraho temples are very nice place to visit. Adinatha Temple is located in Khajuraho. The Khajuraho Dance Festival held every year in February is the best time to plan your trip. At the marvelous backdrop enjoy the rare classical dances of the country.


Khajuraho temples are open for visitors, from sunrise to sunset, in all seven days of a week. Usually tourists visit them in between 8:00 Hrs to 17:30 Hrs. Same is the visitor timing for Adinath temple. Visitors are required to take entrance ticket from ticket counter, located near entrance gate of Western Group of temples and retain the ticket to visit other temples also.

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