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Jain temples in Khajuraho The famous Ghantai temple situated at Khajuraho district Chatarpur Madhyapradesh.This temple was built around 10 century AD by Chandel kings of Khajuraho. This temple is situated outside the boundary wall of Jain temples. Ghantai Temple is known for the fascinating frieze that depicts the dream of Mahavira's Mother. This Temple is one of the important Khajuraho temples located among the eastern group of temples at Khajuraho. The frieze depicts the 16 dreams of Lord Mahavira's mother and a multi armed Jain goddess who rides on a winged Garuda. Located at the north of the Parsvanath temple this is one of the simplest and most modestly constructed Adinath Temple. The group comprises the Parsvanath, Adinatha and Santinatha temples, besides numerous modern shrines. Some of the latter are stand on the ruins of older ones, while most of them are lately built of old material and display old images. The Ghantai temple is locally so called on account of the chain-and-bell (ghanta) motifs, prominently carved on its tall conspicuous pillars, which are among the finest ones of medieval India, remarkable for their stately form, bold ornamentation and classical dignity.


Here we have discussed about history of Ghantai temple in Khajuraho. History of Khajuraho is similar to the history of Khajuraho temples and Chandela dynasty, credited about this magical Khajuraho Art and Sculpture. This is famous Ghantai temple situated at Khajuraho district Chatarpur, Madhyapradesh. This temple was built around 995 CE by Chandel kings of Khajuraho. It is similar to Parshavnath Temple with much large scale which presents that it was constructed after Parshvanath Temple. This temple is situated in eastern group of Temples in Khajuraho. This temple is situated outside the boundary wall of Jain temples. This temple is very remarkable for its art and craft. Initially this temple came into light after survey of Alexander Cunninghum. He concluded about this temple as a dilapidated Buddhist shrine. In 1876-77 a Joint survey by Alexander Cunningham and Ferguson was done for this temple and finally they both concluded this as a Digambar Jain temple of 10 century AD. This name Ghantai was given to this temple in ancient time due to its Pillar where marvelously carved bells and chains are visible. These pillars are considered under the most beautiful pillars of central India. Now a day's only Ardha mandapa and maha mandapa are remaining in this temple. We can just assume about splendour of this temple. It was bigger than Parshawanatha temple situated at Khajuraho. This temple was dedicated to lord Rishabh as Chakreshwari is seen in this temple along with nine planets and Gomukh yaksh. It is classified as a monument of National Importance from Archaeological survey of India. It is a part of Khajuraho Group of Monuments of UNESCO world Heritage site.


Design of this temple is similar to the Parshavnath Temple though it is just twice of the Parshvanath temple. Ghantai temple is called so on account of the chain-and-bell (ghanta) motifs, significantly carved on its tall conspicuous pillars. This temple faces the east. Wall of this temple collapsed and it is on the ruin. Pillars of the entrance porch and Mahamandap are survived only. Pillars of the porch feature a chain and bell motifs, after this the temple is known as Ghantai temple. The door lintel of mandapa features Adinatha's Yakhshini attendant Chakreshwari with eight arms and sitting on the winged Garuna. A large sculpture, now located at the Khajuraho museum, was found at the Ghantai temple ruins. This sculpture features figures of 52 Jinas, including a central figure of Rishabhnatha standing in Kayotsarga pose. The sculpture also features Sarvanbhuti on its left side and a four-armed Chakreshvari on its right side.


Ghantai temple is situated at Khajuraho in Chattarpur District of Madhya Pradesh. It is located between old village and Jain closer and to the south east of Khajuraho Village. On the way to the Jian complex, at the southern edge of the village and barely visible from the road are the ruins of the Ghantai Temple.


Khajuraho can be visited anytime between the months of July to March. The city of Madhya Pradesh is a house of ancient temples. The best time to explore these amazing temples is the pleasant months. Summers in the city are hot and humid. Hot weather does not let you enjoy the Khajuraho sightseeing. Monsoon in the city are a pleasant time. Moderate rains are available for few days in the season. The lovely months of October to February are the best time as crowds from all over the world visit. The Khajuraho Dance Festival held every year in February is the best time to plan your trip. At the marvelous backdrop enjoy the rare classical dances of the country.


Visitor timing of Ghantai temple is from sunrise to sunset. It can't be visited after sunset. It is open for visitors in all days of a week. Just retain the entrance ticket, purchased from ticket counter at entrance of Western Group of temples complex. This ticket will entitles us for entrance into temples complex. While entering inside the temple, remove your shoes on steps, in respect of holy place. Their is not fixed dress code for visiting these temples but still we recommend to any kind of obscene dress as this will hurt the feeling & sentiments of local people & devotees. Usually tourists visit this temple from 8:00 Hrs to 17:30 hrs.

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