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Khajuraho Tourism

Bramha Temple


brahma-temple-khajuraho Khajuraho is a well known tourist destination of Central India. Khajuraho Tourism is very popular in visitors. The temples of Khajuraho were built in between 950 to 1050 AD. It witnessed one of the rich and creative period. The Chandela rulers were the sponsor and creator of this magnificent heritage. Eighty five temples were built to commemorate the victory of the wars during this period. Today 22 of the remaining in Khajuraho temples are divided in three groups. These all are available to see in Khajuraho sightseeing. Western Group Of Temples
Eastern Group of Temple's
Southern group of Temples
The Brahma Temple, Khajuraho is one of the oldest Temples in Khajuraho. The temple belongs to the Eastern Group of Temples and is one of the major Tourist Attractions in Khajuraho that draws millions of tourists from different parts of the world.


It is located on the banks of Khajur Lake or Khajuraho Sagar. The temple is believed to be named after the Hindu Lord Brahma owing to the presence of a four-faced linga in the sanctum that represents the Creator of the World. However, historians are of the view that the temple was wrongly named, and it was actually dedicated to the Hindu Lord Vishnu. The reason for this belief is the presence of Vishnu's image on the lintel of the door of the sanctum. Adding to the marvellous architecture of the sanctum is a pyramid-shaped sikhara or apex. Constructed using sandstone and granite, the temple is beautiful and awe-inspiring. The brahma temple symbolizes one of the principal problems in studying Khajuraho. When captain Burt discovered the temples he records that they had been abandoned and left to ruin. Many of the original names of the temples had been forgotten. Today this shrine is called Brahma, but it has a Shiva linga in the Sanctum and the lintel above the sanctum door clearly indicates that it once was dedicated to Vishu.

Sculpture Work

It is a robust little structure that stands on a square plan that consists of only a sanctum and a porch. The walls of the temples are unadorned with heavy figurative work. The stone latttice windows project a little from three walls, a mere suggestion of the dramatic balconies of the larger temples of the Western Group. The roof, instead of being in the characteristic conical shikhara form, is like those above the large temple mandap-pyramidal and unique and carries the five manifestations of shiva, a composite image of his powers and potentialities. The projection on the east contains the entrance and that on the west is pierced with a smaller doorway, while the lateral projections on the remaining two sides contain plain latticed windows. Despite some difference in details this temple belongs to the same conception and early structural phase the Lalguan-Mahadeva with which it shares a common plan, design, ornaments and building material. It is consequently assignable to circa 900.


Khajuraho lies in the central state of Madhya Pradesh in chattarpur district. Madhya Pradesh is the largest Indian state. The Vindhyan range runs through Madhya Pradesh. khajuraho is located on the rock bed of chattarpur. It is of fine bundelkhand gneiss, and believed to be the oldest rock in India. Brahma Temple is situated on the south end of Khajoor Lake. It is the first hindu temple among these three.

Best time to visit

As summer and rainy season aren't the right period to explore Khajuraho, the best time to opt for is either during the wintertime or during the months of September to March. If you happen to travel to Khajuraho in the months of February and March, don't forget to check out the weeklong Khajuraho Dance Festival. You will be awe-struck by the splendid classical dance performances showcased by the country's best dancers. The local people based in Khajuraho are friendly and predominantly speak in Hindi. Some of the travel guides can even converse in French, English and Dutch. So, communication is never a problem in this place.

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